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Rooted Beginnings is committed to providing a neuroaffirming and inclusive environment for every child and family we serve. We reject the medical model, choosing instead to nurture an environment that celebrates neurodiversity, never attempting to “fix” anyone or pathologize autism or other developmental disabilities. By focusing on joy, play, and meaningful connections, we empower children and their families to flourish at their own pace. Through our commitment to the principles of DIRFloortime ®, we envision a world where every child can reach their full potential and be celebrated for who they are. Your child is guaranteed a DIRFloortime ® practitioner when you use our services, ensuring the highest quality of care and support for their unique developmental journey.

Benefits of Neuroaffirming Education Services

Presumed Competence

We start with the belief that every individual possesses unique abilities and untapped potential. Each learner is recognized for their inherent capabilities.

Strengths-Based Support

We focus on nurturing and developing the inherent strengths and abilities that neurodivergent individuals possess.

Lived Experience

We value the lived experiences of neurodivergent individuals and their families, understanding that they are experts in their own lives.

Community Inclusivity

We work toward creating an inclusive society where neurodivergent individuals can thrive, contributing their unique perspectives and talents.

1:1 Sessions

Rooted in DIRFloortime ® principles, these 30-minute sessions are carefully tailored to meet each child’s unique profile

Play Groups

Thoughtfully designed to celebrate neurodiversity and provide a therapeutic environment for all children and to explore, play, and connect authentically.


For families and professionals seeking support and resources to implement neuroaffirming practices in home and at school.

Capacity Building

Small and large groups. Our approach to Professional Development is centered around embracing authenticity and celebrating neurodiversity as a strength.

About Us

Welcome to Rooted Beginnings, where every child’s journey is celebrated and embraced. Founded by Kate Coffman M.S.Ed., a passionate NYS-certified teacher, a neurodivergent individual, and a certified DIRFloortime ® practitioner, Rooted Beginnings is more than a service – it’s a sanctuary of growth, connection, and joy.

Land Acknowledgment for Rooted Beginnings

At Rooted Beginnings, we recognize and honor the land on which we provide our services, with a special focus on the children and their families whom we serve.

This land holds a profound history, as it is the ancestral territory of the Seneca Nation, a member of the Haudenosaunee/Six Nations Confederacy. This territory is bound by The Dish with One Spoon Treaty of Peace and Friendship, a sacred agreement to peacefully share and protect the resources around the Great Lakes. Additionally, it is covered by the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua, which further affirmed Haudenosaunee land rights and sovereignty in the State of New York.

Rooted Beginnings is committed to acknowledging the sovereignty and rights of the Seneca Nation and the Haudenosaunee people with respect to this land. We understand that this acknowledgment is just the first step toward reconciliation, and we are dedicated to working alongside Indigenous communities and individuals to honor their rich cultural heritage and contributions.

As we provide our services to children and their families, we are mindful of the importance of fostering a nurturing and culturally sensitive environment that recognizes the value of Indigenous knowledge and traditions. We respect and appreciate the resilience of Indigenous communities and are committed to incorporating their perspectives and teachings into our work.

At Rooted Beginnings, we acknowledge that education and cultural understanding are crucial components of our mission. We aim to educate children and families about the rich history and cultural significance of the land on which we operate, with a focus on the experiences and needs of neurodivergent children and their families. We are dedicated to promoting respect for Indigenous sovereignty and creating a more inclusive and equitable future.

Through our services and outreach, we hope to contribute positively to the well-being of the communities in our area and to the broader goal of reconciliation and understanding.

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